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Self Help for Wifi 104

Understanding your Wifi Capable system

Pairing your Wifi Capable system

Rebooting The Wifi-104 Router

Rebooting Instructions

​Click here for Troubleshooting the Wifi-104 system

Understanding The Timer Functions

Understanding the Timer

​Click here for detailed instructions on understanding the timer function

The wifi-104 network is always broadcasting even if the controller is paired to the local network. You may need to unplug the system to perform a soft reboot.  If that still does not work, you will need to do a hard reboot by following the information on this file.

A few things could be happening.
1) Make sure the signal is a 2.4G wifi signal that you are connecting trying to pair with. A 5G network will not pair with our controller.
2) You may have a weak home network signal out where the controller is located. Use a booster to boost the signal or use the wifi-104 signal alone.
3) Unfortunately, some routers have a strict protocol that won’t allow a Wifi-104 system to pair with it. In these instances, we suggest using the Wifi-104 signal alone. 

This can be common on initial connections and in most applications, a simple fix. 
1) Force close the app on the mobile device and Reboot the device for a fresh operating system. Confirm the device is connected to the 2.4G wifi signal that was originally connected to the controller. Re-open the APP and push on the magnifying glass icon to re-populate the list of available devices. Allow 3-4 searches until the blue wifi symbol as is illuminated on the device name with the name of your home network below.
3) If the following items were still unsuccessful, it looks like your router may not be compatible with the system as is and you will need to use the Wifi-104 Wifi Signal to control the lights. In order for the system to forget the network pairing attempt, a hard reboot may be required. Click here for those instructions.

Every Wifi-104 controller comes preset as named Wifi-104-SSID-0. If both are on the Same SSID number and are confusing or having connection problems between both controllers. Find the Wifi-104 device and with a very small headed flat head screw driver. Change the white dial on the side that says “SSID”. You can change it to different numbers or letters. Once this is accomplished, the Wifi-104 network will now broadcast a new signal with the last number as the new number or letter you chose.

If there was a loss in power to the unit like a power outage or the outlet being on a switch. The system may default to a standard color or pattern. You may need to open up the app and connect to the controller to re-send the data information back to the controller that was lost during the power outage. We do not recommend controlling the power of the controller with a smart outlet or other external timer system that cuts power to the unit.